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Renaissance Man

Considered a modern-day business Renaissance man, Ira Blumenthal is the founder and president of CO-OPPORTUNITIES, Inc., an Atlanta-based consulting company that has counseled world-class clients such as Coca-Cola, Nestle, Kroger, McDonald’s, Harrah’s, American Airlines, Disney, United Artists, Marriott, Exxon, Walmart, and others in areas related to branding, strategic alliances, change management, reinvention, and business development. A noteworthy achievement, Ira has the proud distinction of being the longest continually retained consultant in The Coca-Cola Company’s history (26 years).

Success Stories

The former host of a popular radio talk show, Success Talk, Ira has interviewed success stories such as General Colin Powell, Mario Andretti, Tommy Lasorda, Debbi Fields, Dr. Richard Carlson, and other notables. He has been a visiting professor at the University of Notre Dame and Michigan State University, and was the inaugural Executive-In-Residence at Georgia State University’s School of Hospitality. Before founding CO-OPPORTUNITIES, Inc., Ira was a division CMO at The Sara Lee Corporation and then served as president of Rymer Foods, an NYSE public corporation he led to quantum leap growth from $90 million to well over $250 million in three-plus years. He is the recipient of one of the highest honors in the food business, The Key Person Award, has been honored with numerous civic and professional awards, and has been on a number of boards.


Strength in Numbers

Call it business development synergies, joint ventures, partnering, or strategic alliances…there is truly strength in numbers! This highly interactive keynote educates and motivates companies of all sizes on the importance, power, and viability of alliances. After all, we are fast-moving into “the age of collaboration.” Collaborative advantage leads to competitive advantage.

Change is Inevitable. Growth is Optional.

There is one constant in life (and business)—change! Yet, change is not new. What is new is the incredible speed of change. Industries, companies, and careers have gone from distinction to extinction because of their inability to adapt, adjust, and master change. This session offers a high-content, high-energy, hands-on approach to embracing and capitalizing on change in business building.

Brand-Building for Your Future

In our branded world, we make Xerox copies, blow our nose in Kleenex, snack on Jell-O, relax in the Jacuzzi, and cover wounds with Band-Aids. From Nike on our hats to Tommy on our shirts to Swatch on our watches and Starbucks in our cups, branding is critical to business development. This session focuses on the philosophy, strategy, guiding principles and best practices to create, build, maintain, and manage brand success.

"All of us have some degree of influence—your influence might be local, but your impact can be global."

- Mark Brown


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